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National Maritime Day - May 22 at 11am

We are a California Registered Non-For Profit, EIN #95-4057844

American Merchant Marine Veterans Memorial Committee, INC.
P O Box 1659
Wilmington, CA 90748-1659



American Merchant Marine Veterans Memorial
W 6th Street and Harbor Blvd
San Pedro, CA 90731


The progress and commercial success of the United States of America closely parallels the historic greatness of the American Merchant Marine. It is the same Merchant Marine who supplied our first Navy, manned by John Paul Jones, John Barry and many others, who played a significant role in the American Revolution. History records that many merchantmen, commissioned as privateers and naval vessels, were instrumental in defeating the British at their own game. Many of our early leaders were from American shipping families. The contributions of the American Merchant Mariner during the American Revolution, the War of 1812, World Wars I and II, Korean War, Vietnam War and other conflicts, should be made known to all Americans. The casualty percentage of the U.S. Merchant Mariner during World War II was higher than any of the U.S. Armed forces.

American Merchant Mariners have faithfully served their country in times of war and peace, transporting life and cargo to every corner of the world. They have helped to win wars and to maintain peace by providing necessary materials, food and supplies to assist many nations in rebuilding their countries and economies.

General Dwight D. Eisenhower said on Maritime Day in 1945: “The officers and men of the Merchant Marine, by their devotion to duty in the face of enemy action, as well as natural danger of the sea, have brought us the tool to finish the job. Their contribution to final victory will long be remembered.”  On National Maritime Day, May 22, 1989 our Committee dedicated the American Merchant Marine Veterans  Memorial, not long after the Committee started a fund drive to erect the first National Merchant Marine Veterans Wall of Honor. On National Maritime Day, May 22, 2003 the five Walls of Honor were  dedicated.  These Memorials are the largest and most significant in the nation honoring American Merchant Mariners.   The Committee still needs support to maintain and make improvements on the Memorials. Please send your tax deductible contributions to:

P.O. Box 1659
Wilmington, CA 90748-1659

Located at the South End of John S. Gibson Park the American Merchant Marine Veterans Memorial honors the hundreds of thousands of American Merchant Marines who served--200,000 plus--our country. Some statistics maintain 8,651 Merchant Marines were killed at sea, 11,000 wounded, many more were taken prisoner, died in prison camps, or later died of their wounds. A little appreciate fact is the mortality rate was greatest amongst this class of service men, often made up of men who were ineligible for regular duty by physical limitation and age. These brave men carried cargo and parts to the four corners of the world to support our troops.

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